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Sunday, 16 December 2012

DeviL SeLLing HiS OriginaL NFL RAIDERS FULL LEatheR Jacket ~

YEah Right ~ DeviL aLso needs to eat huh ;)".. SeLLing of this Jacket, feeLs like maybe its the onLy one in MaLaysia~

ORiginaL, never use by me as size too big~

FuLL LEather, codition aLmost like new~

OriginaL MIrage NFL Brand ~

Price.?? Limited Edition one of its kind, worth thousands, but letting go for Rm800 coz I can't eat the jacket, view anywhere in Klang Valley ~

Email me ~ 

CheeRs !!!!

Monday, 10 December 2012

FinaL FantaSy VIII ~ "Let the BAttLe BegiN"

FinaL FantaSy VIII ~ "Let the BAttLe BegiN"

Many teaRs fLow as the AnGeL of Light was put down to rest, 
to make way foR the Fire, 
the souRce for the light to light the darknesS..

Unknowing to many that fiRe is far greateR than the Sun, 
bearing the Fire of the Earth DragoN, 
letting go itS beastLy fiRe tiGeRs 
LooSe to the kinGdom of Man, 
burninG the entiRe existance to light the path of niGht and day..

As the night iS dark and the daY is bright, now the tWo become united by the coLorS of grey.. the coLorS of smoKe..

"KiLL me a hundred time n thousandS of me wiLL be reborN, KneeL down and bow to Him your creatoR..", he says with the rage of fiRe, a different kind of fire, the coLor of earth, the coLor of greeN n the coLor of mud..

"As, my love oneS await me.. 
My Queen of darkNess from the kingdom of the sky, 
My Queen of coLdness from the kingdom of deep water 
My Queen of heat from the Kingdom of the deepest Fire of HeLL.."

As poLaR wiLL shift,

onCe coLd wiLL become hot..

OnCe hot wiLL be coLd..

Where u feeL the torment of heLL was, now wiLL peacefuLL of heaven n the heaveN u see wiLL be the toRment of heLL..untiL, there is baLance..

Bring baLance to the woRLd, spread Love as love is the medaLLion to be won in the kinGdom of heart, where, the fiNaL battLE wiLL be..

Find the baLance, and aLL wiLL be averaGE.. pray n pray n pray n pray, that average wiLL be the best, as such baLAnce, as such harmony..

We are equaL n yet, equaL is the onLy thing Left to be fought foR n if aLL is Lost.. have faith n Let it go the the One that createS, the One that controLs aLL kingdom, be it of man and or otheR creatioNs..

          FiNaL battLe approacheS, but the War is far to be seeN.. So.. Let the battLe beGin !!!!

"The DeviL VerSuS The Man iN White of The WorLd"

From the wriTeR of FinaL FantaSy, "Let The BattLe beGin".. ~ 698888888869 ~

Sunday, 9 December 2012

FiNaL FantaSy 7 ~ "My AngeL's Last Wish"

FinaL FantaSy 7 ~ "My AngeL's Last Wish"

My dyinG AngeL's Last Wish ~

To the BrotherS I LOved, aNd To the SisteRs I aDoRes.. LooK at me, Look at my beautifuL face befoRe I Leave you, as after I die.. it won't be BeautiFuL anymore..

To die aLone in thiS dark n loneLy road is my desTiny, its my wish n itS my dream.. becauSe I have wronged me, so I wronGed you guyS n manY..

I have Loved, yeah but I too have Lied.. as I thought it wouLd protect the oNe that I love.. but, iN doinG so, I have wronged me, wronged my faiTh to him.. I can never be the same afTer, as I have Lost that battLE of me..

To wiSh you guyS the happineSs I can never have, is with fuLL of jeaLousy n yet happiNess at the same time.. 

SadneSs comes to me, as, I just reaLise at the end of my jouRney.. I'm just nothinG, no gLory of achivementS, no amount of goLd that I can take with, most importantLy... no Love that I can caLL mine..

So my brotheRs n SisteRs, be braVe to enduRe what life have to offeR.. Show the love to them arounD you.. LeSs taking controL and more lettinG gO.. Find whY ur enemieS become ur eneMieS or what is it kept in theiR hearts.. BecarefuL of the oNes you caLL friend.. BecaRefuL of lovinG too much as, It'LL make you forget the ONE that creaTEs Love ~

Yes I aM saddened, but never regretS..

RemembeRs  tis' words, The Sun giveS us light.. But without the Sun theres stiLL light within uS, deep inSide us.. Keep that light burning, find the fueL for that fire to burn, as, even if the Sun doeSn't come up one day, the light inside you wiLL lead the way, back to the love oneS where you beLong.. and to keep on Living ~                                                              

Within you, thereS aLso fire that'LL keep you warm, like the earth with fuLL of hot larva within, that wiLL keep you warm iN the dark houRs of dayS, without The Sun..

I biD you fareweLL, as, I won't Leave you without love n care.. but hiS love wiLL be a different one from mine, as hiS, comeS with raGE n angeR.. underStands him than you wiLL see..

My heaRt is weak as, I can't bear beinG without love.. I came back to test love agaiN, but it haS faiLed me on my finaL battLe.. As Darkness of one seLf, of mySelf consumed the light that I carry, thuS consuminG Me with it ~

I thought the worLd had faiLed me, but I was wronG.. I have faiLed the worLd ~

As I have faLLen, from the higheSt of heaven to the bottom pit of heLL, to Die..

Love aLwayS ~ 

Ur AngeL of Light....

~ From The FinaL fantaSy 7 ~ 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

DeViL'S Pet SiS ~" LiSa NaSuTioN" ~ She'S A LadY ~

Hye GuyS ~ ThiS BLog, "The DeviL iN KuaLa LumPuR" is dedicatinG it to my pet SiS', the PrinceSS herSeLf ~

                "LIZA HASHIM"

Her beauty is from the inside out, so happiLy waLking around with a beautifuL and angeLic smiLe n you guyS wont suspect that she's The DeviL's pet SiS' huh :)" ..

Without having much as a start, she doesn't come from a rich and weLL to do famiLy but she works very hard.. Trying to get what she's been dreaming of, being a modeL~

As much so, as she wouLd like to change the mind set of peopLe that being a modeL is not just fame and beauty but aLso the goodness of Ones heart~

(Sis' R1 doesn't suits you, take a ride with ur DevIl brother on HiS Ducati SooN ~ yeah borrowed bike who cares)

Living iN KuaLa LumPuR toughen her, this Lil' girL from suburb, but stiLL it doeSn't changed her heart~

 Everywhere she goes, she trieS to put smiLes onto peopLes face~

But when they don't, she get sad.. because she taught that sadness came from her..

BeautifuL smiLes put coLorS to her face ;)"..

Even at times when her beauty was judged, she never quits.. Never at anyone time she Lets anyone judge her for her appearance, outside & inside.. As, for her, onLy she reaLLy know what is it inside her heart ~

As difficuLt it is to live life, she too having that diffucLty to smiLe sometimes ~

~ As True Beauty Doesn't onLy comes form outside Or within, but Both ~

AccompLishing many modeLLing jobs and competitionS she gets better & better each day, stronger and more passionate iN what she wants ~ To be the best iN the One things she Love Most ~

As from she was young, or at her younger yearS, she have been at the sideS of some MaLaysians Superstar, supporting them Knowing or UnknowinGLy ~

She too had her best time when she was with them, as she made a promise to her souL that one day she can be as good as them~

And That One fine day, she can bring happineSS to her Love ones and the many beautifuL faces around heR~

There goeS my LiL' AngeL fLying away through the skY above wondering what she can do next to bring smiLe and happineSS to PeopLe of the woRLd..

The DeviL Says to heR "Don't You worry Lil' AngeL, as God iS watching you.. ALwayS keep your smiLe On, keep that Faith that you aLwayS have and do goodneSS to others even when otherS don't deseRve that ~ as you never judge others even when they do".., with a gRiN on HiS face..

As I'M aLwayS there watchinG You ~ So that there'S no other AngeLs or DeviLs dare to hurt you ~
So dance Lil' darLing and make the WhoLe woRLd see how beautifuL you are & more and neveR be afraid agaiN..
As, frighten is and aLwayS have been for the LeSSer faith ~

ANd for any companieS, or AgenCieS that wouLd like to take my sweet Lil' Pet SiS' into theiR wing, pLease do not hesitate to emaiL me ~ As, The DeviL neveR forgetS a FavouR and As Much is maKing my Sister haPPy, wiLL be making me HaPPy .. & Its not eaSy to maKe the DeviL happY ~

LastLy, as beLow.. The PictuRes of Ms. Liza HAshiM for you guyS to have the pLeasuRe of going through her other Jobs she did ~

Any inquirieS, you can drop me a maiL at "" .. I thank you for youR time ~

LOtS of Love HugS & KiSSeS
"The DeviL iN KuaLa LumPuR"

Friday, 7 December 2012

DeviL iN KuaLa LumpuR ~ "MArried WomaN.??" "I LoiKe"

DeviL iN KuaLa LumpuR ~ "MArried WomaN.??" "CaLL us, but we prefer your husbands' caLLing us to set appointments for you" ~
What do they say about married womaN.. Don't get cLose to them !!
My question is why.?? Since their husbands are aLso going out havinG fun with other woman..
Or even, spending too much time at the office, the mosque or with their friends, untiL don't give that quaLity time the wive deserVeS.. Why can' t the deviLs team sacrifice ourseLveS for the happiness of these women.. and their marriage.?

Men aLwayS Lie to their woman, especiaLLy businessman.. The onLy guys who are actuaLLy loyaL to their marriage are the PILOTS haha (most of them).. funny.. I've been with them, so I know..

But these office peopLeS, or business peoPLe..Either wiLL have their scandaLS at office or outstaTions.. Hurmm or you gaLS just sit outsideS a few major sPa's in the city.. I'm sure most wives wiLL recognise faces haa :D'.. If they are goLfers or traveLLers to bangkok, haa, i bet you 99% of them are unLoyaL..

So, these young women (i consider up to 45 years oLd are stILL young n restLess woman) ..are Left aLOne to attend to their chiLdren n taking care of their hoMe, without being Loved anymore, caress or make passionateLy love too anymore.. Maybe they only thing thats left for them by their partners are pretenciouS care n weak Love..
Why onLy guy deServes to have fun.. Let these woman have fun too.. as they do more to a marriage than MAn..
Man thought they brought back the moneY untiL they forgets that, what they get are aLL from God n it has been set how much they take back home by Him..

If me, The DeviL i am.. I wiLL make sure to take these beautifuL ladies out for a good time, listen to musics, partying, dance for them n make sure my eyes are just on them..

PlayinG with them n teasing them untiL they can't bear to hold me.. I wouLd hoLd their hands aLways, n let them kisses me in pubLic if they want too..

Then find a quite place to sit in between the craziness of KL City, just to be aLone for a whiLE to listen to them.. Yeah they need some one to taLk too and to Listen..

I wouLd be their bodyguard, their companion, their sociaL escort, be their body massage therapist, just to get that tense out from them.. I wiLL show them that I care, from the heart.. n why I'LL do aLL thiS.?
For me, its just heLping out marriages.. They wiLL be happy, when they do, there wiLL be happiness at home.. even husbands are not queried where they go n with who anymore..
For them, i WiLL sacrife myseLf~ n my group of young deviLish handsome deviLs wiLL gLadLy sacrife themseLves aLso for the greater cause of HaPPineSS to aLL..

Man being man are aLways unfair.. Having fuN outside n yet lockinG their wives at home.. And, finaLLy gave up in their marriage as they questionS their wives for not understandinG them..

WeLL guyS, try to understand youR woman from now, be fair.. If you can't give that happineSS to them, caLL us.. But with uS, you can be rest assured that, we wiLL send your wiveS back home to you safeLy, as, that is "The DeviLs promise to God".. not to break a MarriaGe ~

BecarefuL if you don't take care of ur wives n marriage or, if, you don't ask for our service soon, as there are AngeLs around, that wiLL take the hearts of your woman, take them away from you, and then, leaving these woman, dumpinG them by the roadside, as.. Mine was aLso have been tried by AngeLS untiL my marriage was broKeN.. n they have yet to get their judgmentS..

"Bad AngeLs ~ The HaruT & MaruT, as, what they Learned from Satan, is the knowledge of whisperS (hasuTAn), as that iS the work that Satan dO, they wiLL whiSper to make peoPLe beLieve their Lies to DestroY Marriages n BaLance, and that is the EviLest of EviL that God Put on Earth"

Anyone interested, send me a message.. ALways wiLL be faithfuLLy waiting your messageS, "My new MasterS" ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~

YourS TrueLy " The DeviL iN KuaLa LumpuR "
email ~ ~

A LoVe LetteR From BLacK WiDoW To The DeviL ~ "Can It BE True.?"

Dear Lucifer ...

6 is my number ..
this is the sixth month since the day we met again in this world..

i had experienced many wonderful , colourful and beautiful moments 
with you which i choose to keep it forever....
those moments..
will stay in my memories ever.. 
i have never regretted 
meeting and knowing and loving you this much...

i have never been loved as much as you have loved me...
and hopefully still loving me....
as i am still in love and loving you until now ... 
and forever...

i know what is inside my heart...
i can lie to many people including you...
but i can never lie to myself...

i can paint beautiful cinderella story for others to believe...
but i can never paint it to myself to believe ...

many things that need to sacrifice... 
i am willing to take that sacrifices... 
i was afraid before but not anymore... 
i am ready now ... 
whenever you are ready
please come and take me ..

i know... 
i have prayed to god to take me away from your heart...
to erase all our moments from your memories...
because i dont want you keep on hoping and expecting from me...
as hoping and expecting 
makes you sad and frustrated 
if it fails ...

your happiness is my happiness....
and i cant live knowing you are not happy...

for you not having that memories of me .. 
will lessen your sorrow and sadness...

but for myself... 
i choose to still have the memories of you fresh in my mind...
my my dreams.... 

and my best personal moment is 
whenever i close my eyes i see you .. 
whenever i hear the sounds of the guitar 
when someone pluck its strings.. 
i shed to tears ...

whenever i see white sandy beaches ..
the clear sea water and the clear blue skies...

i see u dancing by the beach..

i see you flying ...
soaring high like an eagle ... 
i see you everywhere...

i can still smell you as if you are besides me...
kissing me tenderly..
hugging me tightly..
i can still see your sweet and charming smiles .... 
your loving eyes...

i am always here ... 
waiting for you ... 
i hv no intention of leaving you ... 
i wont ... 
i hv found you ... 

only the soul knows her mate ... 
i hv found u ... 
my soulmate...
my eternal flame...

Loving you...