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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I Am The LuckY One ~ "The Mighty FoKKeR 50"

I Am The Lucky One ~ " FLYinG The MightY FoKKeR 50"

WhiLe taLking to my Cfo last night, "as she was Leaving me to go on a vacation to Krabi for 1 week !!!! with her famiLy, leaving me aLL aLone to deaL with the torment of Looking after tis' heLL by mySeLf" ,

I remember teLLing her reGarding One of many experience I had during fLying The MIghtY FokkeR 50..

As, she was teLLing me how she is gonna get ready with her cLothE on last night, n just brush her teeth n go to the airport today.. I remember thoSe days when we PiLot were such DeviLs', drinking and partying aLL the time..

Everytime I go to work, was like a vacation for me, pLaying jokes with the stewardess, disturbing prettY passengerS n yeah, before "Sept 11 attack in New York", everything was great !!

"FLYinG The MightY FoKKeR 50" 

                             The aircraft I was FLying on the day the TawaU air crashed "9M-MGD"

Then, I was just in my 19 th stiLL, so happy that I got to start fLying with MaLaysia AirLines, the compaNy that I dreamt to be with, fLying in the air, happiLy..

ThoSe days our cadets aLLowance was stiLL Rm 500, yeah and aLmost 6 months living with onLy that aLLowances, most of the time eatinG aLL my Favourite food , Maggie Mee (instant noodLee) ..

The trainning was fierce as most piLots on that fLeet was ex airforce piLots (wow just reaLise I was trained by both airforce n airLine piLots, haha cooL)..

But as much as we were beaten up in the air during training, we piLots were aLso taught regarding the fun n enjoyment of Life..

There was this one instructoR, he is so fucxxxx fierce, to get him into a good mood, u have to go out with him drinking every night just to cheer him up :)"..

After so long of fLying n partying in FoKKeR 50, (diverting the story for a whiLe) yeah the stewardess were geoRgeous in our fLeet, as most are SarawaKiaNs, but they are like sisters to me, as, we were like one big happy famiLy.. putting famiLy aside, Once, 2 gurLs invite me to their room..

Hurmm, when I came in, both were in the blankets, asking me to come in the middLe, just taLking, unknowingLy, they were pLanning to "CharLie Tango" me.. AdehhH ~

After 10 mins taLking in the semi dark room lying down in the bLankets with them, onLy I reaLise that both of them were naked, DaMMn ~ THey got me.. for you guys who don't know what is "CharLie Tanggo", its cock teaser, in aviation terms lah.. 

The Mighty FoKKeR 50 CockPit

It means, theY wiLL tease you to bits, but you won't get shit.. I fucxxxG hate that ..arggghHH !!!!

When my Cfo was teLLing me regarding her getting ready last night so that she can just wake up thiS morning n just brush her teeth n go to the airport.. I then remembereD~

We were so 'a' suPer FLying DeviL then, that, before fLying, "a piLot shouLd have a break, from "BottLe to ThrottLe" of 8 hours", (yeah right haha), from our last drink to the time we start fLying~ but..

Most of the nightS, we'LL go out partying maximum, drinking like crazy, and 1 bottLe of liquor is not enough for one guy, by the time reaching the hoteL room (we were drunk like crazy) , and its Like another 2 hours to wake up for fLight, damm..

So, normaLLy to be safe, we got ready, coLD shower, drink 1 liter of water, pack our stuffs and wear uniforms to sLeep haha, so if we miss the wake up caLL n by the time the other crew knock on our door, we are aLready set to go (with an excuse "owh, i was in the toiLet, didnt hear the calL hehe") .. n stiLL DrunK Like crazy!! , arriving at the airport, stiLL puking in the fLight operations toiLet when reported for duty.. what a deviL..

When I think about those moments, I reaLised, we were letting go to something bigger. Yes,having fun partying.. but stiLL taking some medium controL of the aeropLanes, but yet having faith to boss that He sets the path.. 
Rather than, at the end of my fLying career in the airLine, we were controLing ourseLves too much, untiL the Faith we have to the One is not there anymore or very less, more so, after 911 crashed in new york.. We were having faith in our own judgment n our own doings, taking aLmost totaL controL from Boss, thus having less of Faith..

"The Guys iS not me, but the picture he took was GreaT"

If you ask me, what is the biggest agenda they have by pLanning the 911 crash in New York, I would say, creating that controL game, thus making aLL these FLying DeviLS, become AngeLS"..

For AngeLS,
fLying is not a fun thing for them, no more joY, they fLy because of wanting to earn, they were thought to be greedy, counting what they earn, and, making them get stuck in that Line where peopLe in the whoLe woRLd are doing, chasing dreams n money that wiLL never be enough.. because, there iS No FuN in it anymore..

This iS an idea that have been pLanted in our mind, to get what other peopLes get, to be greeDy n not having enough, always wanting more n more, n became egoistic.. Un wiLLing to share n too heLp others anymore.. Thus, we'LL be stuck in that Matrix created by these smaLL groups of peopLe that are making themseLves God..

THe fun in FLying is no more, thus, aLmost aLL the FLying DeviLS have either died or become AngeLS, having less faith, taking to much control leaving no room for faith, as they beLieve money is,  In what they bring back, so they have to work more n more, untiL, they loose their time with famiLy n love oneS.. untiL one day,  it'LL be too late for them, when they reaLise it is at the end of their life, their journey AND what did they do in thiS life to contribute to others.. it'll be too late..

Maybe I got my chance by breaking away from that Matrix, but its not easy.. And yet,  I never regreted each secondS of my fLying career.. I Love FLying, I Love MALaysia AirLines n mostLy I Love aLL my coLLegueS..especiaLLy the pretty oneS  HAaa :D ..

If I can get my hands in managing MaLAysia AirLineS one fine day, I know what I wiLL do next ;)"..

OWhh, dear passangerS.. A question for you guys, wouLd you guys rather have piLots with no Faith or piLots with Faith to fLy you guyS.. and remember, DeviLS' have a lot of passions n fighting spirits as their hearts are aLways burning with "DesiRe" ~

Ps. to my dearest piLot friendS out there, if you are stiLL a DeviL, be that DeviL, as DeviLs will aLways have a bigger faith than AngeLS.. If you changed into an AngeL, becarefuL, as AngeLS normaLLy have smaLLer dickS than DeviLs haha ~

TiLL theN GuyS, Lot of Love Hugs n KiSSes ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~
"The DeviL iN KL"

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