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Sunday, 9 December 2012

FiNaL FantaSy 7 ~ "My AngeL's Last Wish"

FinaL FantaSy 7 ~ "My AngeL's Last Wish"

My dyinG AngeL's Last Wish ~

To the BrotherS I LOved, aNd To the SisteRs I aDoRes.. LooK at me, Look at my beautifuL face befoRe I Leave you, as after I die.. it won't be BeautiFuL anymore..

To die aLone in thiS dark n loneLy road is my desTiny, its my wish n itS my dream.. becauSe I have wronged me, so I wronGed you guyS n manY..

I have Loved, yeah but I too have Lied.. as I thought it wouLd protect the oNe that I love.. but, iN doinG so, I have wronged me, wronged my faiTh to him.. I can never be the same afTer, as I have Lost that battLE of me..

To wiSh you guyS the happineSs I can never have, is with fuLL of jeaLousy n yet happiNess at the same time.. 

SadneSs comes to me, as, I just reaLise at the end of my jouRney.. I'm just nothinG, no gLory of achivementS, no amount of goLd that I can take with, most importantLy... no Love that I can caLL mine..

So my brotheRs n SisteRs, be braVe to enduRe what life have to offeR.. Show the love to them arounD you.. LeSs taking controL and more lettinG gO.. Find whY ur enemieS become ur eneMieS or what is it kept in theiR hearts.. BecarefuL of the oNes you caLL friend.. BecaRefuL of lovinG too much as, It'LL make you forget the ONE that creaTEs Love ~

Yes I aM saddened, but never regretS..

RemembeRs  tis' words, The Sun giveS us light.. But without the Sun theres stiLL light within uS, deep inSide us.. Keep that light burning, find the fueL for that fire to burn, as, even if the Sun doeSn't come up one day, the light inside you wiLL lead the way, back to the love oneS where you beLong.. and to keep on Living ~                                                              

Within you, thereS aLso fire that'LL keep you warm, like the earth with fuLL of hot larva within, that wiLL keep you warm iN the dark houRs of dayS, without The Sun..

I biD you fareweLL, as, I won't Leave you without love n care.. but hiS love wiLL be a different one from mine, as hiS, comeS with raGE n angeR.. underStands him than you wiLL see..

My heaRt is weak as, I can't bear beinG without love.. I came back to test love agaiN, but it haS faiLed me on my finaL battLe.. As Darkness of one seLf, of mySelf consumed the light that I carry, thuS consuminG Me with it ~

I thought the worLd had faiLed me, but I was wronG.. I have faiLed the worLd ~

As I have faLLen, from the higheSt of heaven to the bottom pit of heLL, to Die..

Love aLwayS ~ 

Ur AngeL of Light....

~ From The FinaL fantaSy 7 ~ 

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