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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

DeviL'S PromiSe To GOD ~

"Berkata iblis: Ya Tuhanku, oleh karena Engkau telah menetapkanku sesat, sungguh akan kuusahakan agar anak manusia memandang indah segala yang tampak di bumi dan aku akan sesatkan mereka semua....Kecuali hamba-hambaMu dari antara mereka yang ikhlas.........(Al-Hijr: 39-40)


"Says The DeviL: Dear God, because you have set for me the wrong path,
 I wiLL do my very best 
so that the chiLdren of man 
see the beauty of aLL that can be seen on earth 
and I wiLL make them aLL foLLow the wrong path.. 
Except your servantS from those who have Faith..........(AL-Hijr: 39-40)

Funny thinG what peopLe understand about the DeviL, why he doesn't disturb peopLe with Faith, what is "Faith" .. 
Do we have any now. 

If the DeviL is so so bad ~ He must be attacking peopLE with faith, but, why doeSn't He..
 No wonder when I drive My car, I aLways took the wrong road, now I kNow.. 
"I Am The DeviL iN KuaLa LumpuR

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