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Monday, 3 December 2012

FinaL FantaSy 5 ~ DeviL'S WhispeR ~

FinaL Fantasy V ~ DeviL's Whispers

He came to me in the darkenest of night

Like a breath of air siLentLy passing by

Whispering a secret of man of you and me

TeLLing a stories of Lies or truth

Surrender to me", he says ..asking me to foLLow

To the very deep n thats how deep an ocean is

To find our beLief in the One we beLieve

To gain wisdom by putting knowLedge aside

He waLked gaLLantLy Like The King of Kings

No hesitation No Worries or doubt with Feet touches the ground n yet 
His hair touches the skY ~ Is he sane or insane..

Does the words speaks the truth "Lie owh Lie to me", he said.. As you can never do

"This is the gift God had given to me"

"Where can you hide my pretty one as 
God has His pLan ~ Let go to me and I'LL show you victory"


 He swears n He curse to make way for the Sun Burning with fire 

Like the fire of HeLL 

Gate must be open to bring justice on earth 

To say "I'm the truth" no one eLse to be bLame "Hey victory, you were promise to me", he said.. 

To find a soLution no one dares to bring answers too 

Regrets are a few but that few is enough 

To start aLL over iS to find peace n Love, that joy of life, the serenity of Living.. 

In this one pLace, where we wiLL aLL enjoy the peacefuL of heaven and/or the Pain of the heart

The DeviL iN KuaLa LumpuR
 ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~

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