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Sunday, 2 December 2012

I Am The Lucky One ~ "Locked Up"

I Am The Lucky One ~ "Locked Up"

HYe guys.. havinG a wonderfuL sLeep.? .. wonderfuL dreamS aRe made by good n happy memories N some are God given as giFts..

Here I am, waiting N waitinG to faLL asLeep but I Still can't.. Looking at love ones sleeping brings me back to the time wheN I was Locked Up for doinG something that I didn't.. But thats the time i understanD how much Freedom means to peopLe thats freedom beiN' taken away From them..

"Locked Up"~

To say I'm afraid to be Locked Up, i wouLd say HeLL no before being sent in.. But just for you guys to understand the reaLity of it from inside of a ceLL, so, I think maybe I can sharE some stories with yOu..

It waS just another day for me, but that day, its was difFerent as I was in Sg Besi Military camp, taLking to the Quarter Master, which iS an old friend, regarding some business I couLd attend to since I have nothinG else to do.. 

SuddenLy a call came in, it was my brother.. A C.I.D was at my dad's house looking for me. As he took the phone and talk to me, he was teLLing me that a charge was brought up against me and for me to report to Kinrara IPD..

As I drove down there I was thinKinG.. HurmmM, yeah, I keep askinG god if there is anymore harm he can givE me, for a guy that have Lost everythinG, Guess I asked too soon..

"on the way from lock up to court for remand'

Arriving there and meeting the detective, he explain to me against the charge brought up by my partner regardinG me SteaLing his favourite guitar N another charge of "UguTan Bunuh" aka bakar hiS house.. (wow, a guitar against the 100,000 pcs of my Dymium magnetic bracelets which he stoLe fm me to pay hiS debtor, and The ugut bunuh, was an ugut to "bakar rumah tangga" dia.. weLL maybe he mention the word "tangga" so slow until the C.I.D didn't hear it, so it sounded like "bakar rumah").. Oh weLL.. whateverr lah..

The inspector ask me if I wouLd like to make any counter report.. I asked him back, "What did my partner say to you, what did he want?".. The inspector answered, "HE wants En. Arnaz to be Locked Up".. I said," in that case, just lock me up, if that will make him happy.."

I was to lazy to fight anymore, to lazy to teLL the inspector that I can't counter because I stole the guitar to get back at him for stealing my 100,000 bracelets with a retail worth of around 23 miLLion, lazy to tell him since I don't have a case, because the company is not even my name as Its under my wife's name.. and as my partner was so smart, he even manage to make her believe him more than me..

Before Going to the police Lock up, there was this guy, A chinese guy in his forties, look beat up, n high on drugs.. He was charge with roberry or breaking an entry, stealing prayer stuffs (the smaLL thai prayer amulets n statue, which are very expensive).. Even the owner of the shoP n his henchmen came shouting n cursing this guy, even threatenung him.. but he was cooL..

As, we taLk, he keep saying to me, "dont worry lar brother, I always go In, inside later I take care of you, don't worry larr".. I smiled, as I was never worry.. I felt, outside the police lock up is worst, fuLL of lies n people stabbing each others, even friends..

Arriving at the police locKed Up, (bare in mine that i was stiLL not in my right mind, just fought that 10 guys over at Sunway mentari n aLL the craziness of me is stiLL there).. The Guys inside the ceLL was cheering when me and this chineSe guy arrived..

There were saying somthinG like, "Phweet, wwaahh jambu, jambu sudah mari.. Mari lar..phweet".. I felt like in the movie at that time, So after changing to Lock Up uniform, before writing my name even.. I walk up to them, to the ceLL.. With a DeviLish voice (heavy metaL voice larr, havinG to play actinG), i said, "HeYH, puxx Makk koraNg, KaLau naK main, koranG check dgn brotheR2 (number), kreta Gua no JFL 18.. Agak2 kalau nak maen, kiter maeN", with such harsh voiCE.. They aLL suddenLy became quiet anD took a step back..

"how u huys wish the cell be nice like tis huh"

OWH, I Thought, my play actinG can worK larr hehe.. Then After writing my name down befor going in, I went to the ceLL again n called them,"HEY MAtCHa".. they came back to the cell and said, " Yer BAng".. I toLD them this, (barE in mind again, I'm trying to hold myseLf from laughing), "HEy MAtcHA, nak tau raHsia".. They asked again," Aper BAng?".. I said "BONtoT Gua PuteH GEbu!! NAk Raser kewrr!!".. THey aLL start moving very far from the ceLL (tahan arnaz, tahan jangan gelak hihihaha) .. I thought hurmm must continue the actinG lewr mcm ni..

"aLmost actual picture of toiLet"

As soon as I stepped in, I saw there was only one toiLet inside n it was open for everyone to see.. So without hesitation, I just stripped naked at the ceLL door n waLk with a cool deviLish Grin Looking at all of them.. Guess what, it worked.. they aLL turn away from me N not even one guy dare to Look at my sexy white bump.. hehehehe..

As I put back the uniform, I saw the chinese guys was being bullied by them, so I puLLed the guy close to me..

There were 36 inmates in that dirTy ceLL.. I was thinking then, the roadside where I slept before was so so much cleaner than this..but again, its a rest from the outside worLd..

"sharing is So caring"

These people were insiDe for different 2 reasons, some robs, some gang fights, some illegaL immigrants, carryinG dangerous weapons n others.. But something that I notice that is different n good, they became from tiGers to cats, even for me..

They shared everything that they get fm food, drinks even if one guy have a stick of cigarette, he will share with aLL, even stranGers which he just met..

I tried to sleep, but keep looking at them, see what they see, try to feel what they are feeling.. A room fuLL of remorse.. But I bet most of them wiLL do the same things once release..

SOme gave money, even rm50 to the police that was lookinG after the ceLL, to get cigarette, but the police guy who taken the moneY never gave them the cigarette, for me that was a dumb move for the policeman.. If you take the money, give..U also make a lot more.. If not, just whack the guy larr for trying to ask u to buy cigarette..

If I'm the PM, I would made Legal for convicts to buy cigarettes, drinks, good drinks as coffee or what ever (it doesn't harm anyone, n, actuaLLy keeping them caLmer inside).. Even good food.. As these people wiLL always have friends n families with money (And they are very much into sharinG inside there, so the one who can't afford aLso will get some),

N they wiLL pay 10 times more to get cigarettes, drinks or good food.. Even all the police lock ups and prisons then, don't even need Government subsidies or using people taxes money to look after its convicts N maintenance, as, they can already seLf sustain from the purchase made by these peopLe.. OtherwiSe it wiLL stiLL go to the corrupts, that stiLL takinG andvantages of things, but, with no hearts..

The Lock up can be kept clean if inmates are ordered to cleaned it, as I think they are ever so willinG to do it.. But no one asked..

I feLt Lucky to be in, as, I don't think many who has reach the height I've reach in life, wiLL ever be gettinG the same experience as me..

Also, endinG up making gooD friends with some of the detectives over in IPD Kinrara, and most of them are with a good heart..

Haah.. A secret was uncovered there in the locked up.. After I was release by the detective, they brought me back to the Lock Up to pick up My stuff.. I saw this Guy, a police that is incharge of Looking after the ceLL.. I know him.. Once, he n his buddies, did a search on me and my dad's car I was in.. He said he was a CID officer (as at that time i suspected some guys were looking to frame me).. I was so angry as they didn't gave me reason for doing such search on me..
Haha, I greet him and ask him, "BAng, CID kat sini kewrr", he was stunned, his face became white.. I toLd him.. takper bang, laen kaLi kiter sembanG2 minum yer,, N I Left..

God Is Great.. As, from being wronGLy accused, I got more good friends, uncovered some story n get a lifetime experience.. Also from that, It brought back what I lost for almost 20 years back to me.. My school buddies.. As there were the first came looKing for me when they heard of what happened..

"yeah, free agaiN "

Thank you Boss.. "I Am The Lucky One" and I wiLL for Always be ur humbLe servant forever.. InSyaALLAH"

Ok Guys, time to sleep.. For those who read this short story of me this time.. thank you.. Again, I hope it doesn't bring to much negative.. I do hope some of it can be a usefuL stuffs to know n to be kepT..

UntiL next time, wishing u guys a happy Friday, may today wiLL be a good day to be remember by aLL..

~8888~ ♥ //\\

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